Thursday, 8 June 2017

Home Education in May 2017

Look at me being nearly on time to post a monthly update! This post was actually going to go up on Sunday but after the events in London on Saturday i decided not to post it and it has been a busy week (as always).

May has flown past, sometimes it feels like I blink and another month has gone. I think that is the way of life when you have children, the days can be long but the years are short. We had a week of a sickness in May which worked it's way through us all(bar Seb) so that was a bit rubbish. Apart from that it has been a really good month with some lovely warm weather and adventures. I often feel so lucky that we are able to head out and enjoy ourselves on a whim.

We have been out and about a lot.  As well as our regular things we have had days out at a vintage car show which the boys loved. There were also vintage buses from the local bus museum which the boys always enjoy because they get to go on them and sometimes have a ride.
We visited Hemsworth Water Park for a day,  The Hepworth for a printing session and the Marks and Spencer Archive for a home ed session about food science and taste testing chocolate puddings. We also went up to North Yorkshire glamping for 2 nights and spent a day on Scarborough beach and visited Yorkshire Lavender on the way back home, I definitely want to head back there.

There has been lots of time spent in the garden while the weather has been fair. Our plants are still growing beautifully, the boys are enjoying tending to them and seeing them grow. Our potatoes have gone crazy, the plants are the biggest we have ever had, I can't wait to harvest them. Seb has asked if we can make Leek and Potato Soup. The peppers, strawberries and flowers we planted are still going, i am hoping we manage to get something from them. We planted sunflowers at home ed group last month but for some reason only Barneys has grown (it's a good lesson to talk about why that may be) and we are hoping it gets big and strong.

Seb has been massively into reading this month. He is devouring books at the moment and it is lovely to see him so enthralled. He has read so many chapter books in the month including all three Faraway Tree Books,  The Wind in the Willows and the 13 storey tree house series. We have been reserving books at the library regularly, it is a struggle to keep up but I absolutely love seeing him so absorbed in books. We are working on putting a book recommendation post together so look out for that. I love talking to him about what is happening in the stories.

We have also been working through a Carol Vorderman English Made Easy workbook. Seb does enjoy a bit of structure at times so I try to make sure that I have appropriate workbooks and sheets available.  This particular book is good for looking at different sounds and types of words. I like that it is a quite a good mix and not repetitive. He has been enjoying pointing out compound words to me when out and about. We celebrated Elmer Day by making Lego Elephants and some Kandisnky inspired Elmers.

We have been talking a lot about fractions thanks to a maths game we picked up in a charity shop a few years ago which has been out this month. To reinforce it we made a big chocolate cake and cut it into fractions.  We all enjoyed that exercise! I also printed out some worksheets.

It has been quite a creative month too. Lots of drawing, writing, chalking on the drive, painting, baking and collaging. The boys are still enjoying experimenting with Hot Wires and of course creating with Lego.

June is already starting well so I look forward to updating next month.

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