Monday, 3 July 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan #27

Monday has rolled around again and it's time for this weeks meal plan.  We did ok last week but didn't eat the chilli so we are having that this week instead. The relentless rain meant stawberry picking was off the cards too, boo!

I can't quite believe it is July! I am hoping to spend less on food this month, some weeks I seem to spend a fortune on midweek supermarket trips. I pop in for some bread or milk and come home with all sorts of things.
Last week I did a freezer inventory. We don't have a huge freezer but I find that things get pushed to the back of it and get forgotten about quickly. This weeks meals use up all of those odds and ends. It is a bit mince heavy but at least it isn't all beef mince!

Monday Puff pastry minced beef pie with mash, veg and gravy

Tuesday Home topped pizza, garlic bread and salad

Wednesday BBQ chicken pasta

Thursday Mini pork and apple burgers/veggie sausages with potato waffles and corn in the cob

Friday Chilli and rice

Saturday Homemade turkey burgers with chips and peas

Sunday Lasagne

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