Monday, 24 July 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan #30

It's officially summer, now school is out it feels like summer even if the weather isn't summery. Because we home ed life doesn't change much apart from everywhere being busier and more expensive! Phils work has a summer break so he has nearly three weeks off work starting today.

Last weeks plan was a hit. Especially the corned beef hash and pasta and meatballs, both of those always mean empty plates. Alex and I also mde a berry crumble which we served with chocolate ice cream. The boys did have the fish fingers on Friday but Phil and I opted for a takeaway once they were in bed. I am shattered at the moment as Barney is insisting on very early wake ups. I wanted comfort food so we ordered in.

Monday Carbonara
Tuesday Slow cooked chilli and jacket potatoes
Wednesday Chicken, spinach and sweet potato korma with rice for me and the boys. Phil hates coconut so is having steak and chips.
Thursday Garlic kievs, wedges and veg
Friday Slow cooked spaghetti bolognese
Saturday Steak and cheese burgers, chips and salad
Sunday Pulled pork, mash and veg

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