Friday, 28 July 2017

Walking, Early Starts and Tantrums. Fifteen Months Old.

Barney is now fifteen months old. I last wrote an update when he turned one and there have been a few big changes recently and I want to document them.

A few weeks ago we moved him into his own room. After months of saying we would, we finally bit the bullet, move him and he sleeps soundly through the night.  He does get up very early though! He is not a fan of napping in the day unless it is in the car. So often he won't nap at all, on these days I try to have a bit of quiet time with him not that he is keen on sitting still right now.

After weeks of wobbly steps he is now walking properly. We are officially into toddler territory and boy do I know it. Before the walking came the climbing, he will scale up anything and now nothing is safe even when I put it out of reach. It is hard work but fun at the same time. This means soft play has become one of his favourite places to go.

Of course with a toddler you get the tantrums and we are at the start of these now. The flinging himself backwards when  he doesn't get what he wants, the crying or bottom lip coming out when he is told no, the going stiff and fighting against going into the pushchair or carseat. We have had very few proper tantrums with the older two, I am waiting to see which was Barney goes. He is generally a happy baby though, very smiley and chatty.

One of my favourite things as a parent is watching the boys play. I just love seeing how their play changes as they grow older and listening to them. Barney takes everything in that sees and his play is so lovely. He cuddles bears and dolls, pushes cars and trains making engine noises and loves to draw and paint. He also loves books and will sit looking through them or bring them to me to read. He also loves music and dancing, swings and slides at the park and
Being the third child Barney has seen far more TV than his brothers did at this age. I sway between feeling guilty about it and being realistic, he isn't sat glued to it all day and sometimes putting cbeebies on for 30 minutes is the only way to get to drink a cup of tea or eat my own lunch. There are worse things I could do! He loves Teletubbies and Waybaloo.

He is still eating really well. Three good sized meals and a snack each day. He likes a good variety of food but favourites are cheese, cucumber, blueberries and yogurt. It amazes me how well he manages to eat as he still only has four teeth! Like his brothers he loves milk, I joke that we should buy a cow as we go through so much of it.

I am excited to carry on watching him develop, particularly his speech, he says quite a few words already but rarely says mama. I can't wait to hear him say my name more often.

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