Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Alexander at Four years Old

With his fifth birthday fast approaching I wanted to write a little about Alexander at four years old.

This last year has seen Alex really grow up. Physically he has grown in height and he has become much leaner. He now weights 2 stone 12 and is over a metre tall, he wears age 3-4 clothes mostly.  He is still pretty small compare to others the same age but then I am only 5ft tall.  This year he decided to have his hair cut off, he went from shoulder length blonde hair to a real short cut and he looks so much older!

For around 3 years Alex suffered with dermatitis on his face but it has totally cleared up which has amazed us all! Unfortunately he does seem to catch every bug going and just simple colds seem to go straight to his chest which have resulted in two hospital stays in the last twelve months, We have an inhaler at home now to use when needed.

He is still a fidget, he is on the go from the moment he wakes until he falls asleep and chatters constantly however hehas definitely grown up a lot. He is interested in letters and numbers now and wants to know about everything. He loves to make things, draw and help with cooking and he enjoys watching and playing rugby. He is generally very easy going, very gentle and caring and happy but when tired he can be grumpy and emotional!

Loves Rugby, Fireman Sam, digging in the garden,  long baths, baking, lego, imaginary play, painting, drawing, easy peelers

Dislikes raw tomatoes,


Favourite colour? Red
Favourite food? Cucumber
Favourite song ? Don't know
Favourite animal? Tiger
What are you scared of? Crocodiles
What makes you happy? Mummy
Where is your favourite place go? In the garden
What do you want to be when you grow up? Nurse

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