Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Easy Egg Box Boats For All Ages

So far this summer holidays has seen quite a bit of rain. In fact since the holidays started here we have had rain at some point every day. All that rain calls for simple rainy day activities!

You can't get easier than these easy egg box boats. They are perfect for the whole family to get involved in making in our case the age range was 1-33 years old. The boys loved that Phil and I were joining in with the crafting and making our own boats. This was completely cost free too. Just egg boxes that I already had and we then we raided the crafty bits we already have at home.

Firstly cut the egg boxes into half. We all chose which one we wanted and decided on our boats colours. We painted the egg boxes but you can use felt tips as an alternative way to decorate.

Once dry we had a look in my craft stash and picked out some stickers, paper, craft sticks, glue and glitter. Basically you can use whatever you have to hand to decorate them; washi tape, cut up magazines, pom poms, anything goes!

Crafts sticks and paper are perfect to make sails for your boat. We used more stickers to decorate ours but again you could use felt tips. You can attach them to your boat using glue or sticky tape.

And there you have some easy egg box boats ready to sail off on adventure.  If the rain stops you could have a race in the paddling pool. My boys have used theirs in their imaginative play adding people to the boats and sailing off to mysterious lands.

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