Monday, 21 August 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan #34

Happy Monday! The sun came out over the weekend and we are set to have a sunny start to the week, long may it continue.

Last weeks meal plan went well, we ate all our planned meals. We have a few plans already this week, the boys are going to the seaside with their grandparents on Tuesday so I am not sure if they will be home for dinner.  This week we are having a couple of new meals. I am really looking forward to the the sticky sausages at the weekend already! I also haven't made soup in ages so it will be nice to have that on Wednesday,  it is so filling.
As well as our main meals I am going to make a banana bread this week and maybe some chocolate orange cupcakes with the boys if I get the time.

Monday Chicken and Bacon Pasta
Tuesday Omlettes and homemade chips
Wednesday Leek and Potato Soup with mediterranean pittas
Thursday Fishcakes for the boys,  chicken and leek crispbake for me with sweet potato wedges
Friday Garlic and Herb Pasta
Saturday Sticky sausages with sweet potato mash 
Sunday Mince and potato casserole with veg

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