Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sebastian at Six Years Old

I don't write many update posts these days. Now the boys are getting older there aren't the huge milestones to write about. However I do like to use my blog for recording memories and I want to write a little about Sebastian at six years old before he goes and turns seven later in the year. 

Seb is now around 120cm tall and weighs 3 stone 2lb. He wears age 6 clothes although waists are often huge even when adjusted to the smallest setting! He has lost two baby teeth and is the proud owner of two teeth with another growing in. He amazes us by never getting ill, even when we all had a sickness bug a couple of months back he managed to avoid it, his immune system is amazing!

Generally he is pretty laid back about life. Although he has moments where is six going on sixteen and that can be very frustrating. His confidence in himself has soared in the last year or so which is lovely to see and he is wanting more and more independence. He knows his own mind and is happy to go against the grain.
Seb is very kind to others. He is endlessly patient with Barney and loves to play with him. This extends to others too, he stops to help smaller children at the park or soft play which makes me so proud. He apparently wants seven children when he grows up!

Loves scooting, Lego, adventure books, climbing, experiments, making circuits, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Paw Patrol, Cars 3, pizza, board games, drawing,  wordsearches

Dislikes shopping, being stuck inside, tidying, early mornings 


  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A builder or architect
  • Favourite colour? Blue
  • Favourite food? Tomatoes 
  • Favourite song ? Galway Girl
  • Favourite animal? Sheep
  • Favourite place go? Lego Club
  • What makes you happy? You cuddling me

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