Saturday, 30 September 2017

Barnaby George at 18 Months Old

Oh my goodness, my little Barney is 18 months old. How did we get here so quickly? It feels like just a few weeks ago that he was born. The baby days are definitely gone and he is a toddler now. Although the toddler stage can be frustrating and relentless at times, watching my child develop amazes me.

Barney walks, runs, jumps and climbs everything in sight. He is very physical and loves going to the park, climbing ladders to the slide and being pushed as high as I can in the swings, he is a thrill seeker! He loves rough and tumble play, rolling around on the floor with his brothers and being given thrown in the air by Phil. I think being the youngest has made him tougher and confident, he rarely cries if he bumps himself and he is also interested in other toddlers and children.

It feels like he is saying new words each day. Some have become a permanent fixture, others he will say a couple of times never to be heard again. My favourite at the moment is probably cocoon as it sounds so cute in his little voice.
He also has a good attention span and can happily sit and concentrate on playing something for a good length of time. He has recently started to really enjoy using our wooden train tracks and sits for ages putting the bits together and pushing the trains along. You can see his brain working as he plays. We have a medium Grimms rainbow and he has really started to use it now, mainly as bridges for cars. Books are also popular with him, we have so many but he is particularly taken with The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the moment and some Thomas the Tank Engine books.
He adores animals from his grandparents dogs to farm animals. He gets so excited going to the park to see the ducks and loves to shout quack quack at them.

Toddlers are known for their tantrums and Barney is no exception. He knows what he wants and he will throw himself on the floor if he doesn't get it! At Center Parcs in the toddler swimming area he got really frustrated because he couldn't go on the big slides and boy did I know about it  He gets very cross with us all if we aren't giving him attention and will shout at us to let us know.

We haven't weighed him for a while but he wears 18-24 month clothes or age 2 in smaller sized shops like La Redoute or Primark.  He is a size 4 in shoes. His eyes have stayed blue and his hair is very blonde and getting so long already.
He still only has six teeth although it doesn't stop him eating and he loves his food and milk. He is pretty good with a spoon and a fork and now uses a 360° cup without handles. At night he goes to bed at 7, usually he will fall asleep quite easily and we will sleep until around 5.30-6am, we pop him into our bed then and he will sleep for a bit longer. Daytimes are hit and miss with naps, he will go to sleep if in the car but if not he rarely naps.


His trike

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