Monday, 25 September 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan #39

Happy Monday meal planners. Well it has been an eventful week in our house. All three boys had a cold last week, poor Alex got it worse than anyone else as usual, it went straight to his chest and he ended up with a hospital stay for the third time in the last 12 months as the inhaler we have at home wasn't easing his wheezing. We did stick to our meal plan for some of the week although we had to cancel going out for dinner and I made turkey dinosaurs instead to try and encourage all three to eat something. I also got lured into buying the Marks and Spencer Pizza meal deal and it was delicious,  probably nicer than any pizza I have ever eaten.

This week we have a night off! Our wedding anniversary is on Thursday so we are child free and heading out for a meal and drinks. It is the first time since we got married 5 years old that we have actually been out to celebrate our anniversary. The rest of the week is pretty simple,  i'my looking forward to making the sausage and butter bean casserole as it is a new meal to us. I am also planning on making a cheesecake with Alex this week as he has asked too.

Monday Chicken soup with bread and butter
Tueaday Sausage and Butterbean Casserole
Wednesday  Homemade pizza, garlic bread and sides
Thursday Anniversary Meal
Friday Slow cooked corned beef hash
Saturday Pasta in tomato and basil sauce
Sunday  Sausage, mash, pea and onion gravy

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