Saturday, 23 September 2017

Ten Baby Names That I Love But Didn't Use

This week the ONS released the official list of UK baby names from 2016 and there has been lots of talk online. So today I am sharing ten baby names that I love but didn't use.

Since I was pregnant with Seb back in 2010 I have taken a keen interest in the baby name lists. Although the top 10 names haven't really changed much over recent years I like seeing what names are growing in popularity or falling down the charts and of course checking where my own chosen names rank. Barnaby is a 2016 baby so I had a look to see where his name placed to find it down in the 200's, if we had used Barney it would have been even lower. It is super easy to check the name of your choice.

I never had the chance to use any girls names, we didn't even get past early discussions as we found out the gender of our children. There are still some girls names I love though.


Not the mosy exciting choice i know but a nice classic name. If Barney had been a girl he would have been called Charlotte.


And his middle name would have been Willow. Willow was the name I had picked out for a girl since I was a teenager. It has become quite popular in recent years and I started to prefer it as a middle name.


This is such a pretty feminine name. Of course it also the name of the main characterin The Nutcracker, my favourite ballet.


Way back when I was pregnant with Seb my dad suggested this name for a girl, like Dale Evans  At first I wasn't keen, I had only heard it used on males before but it really grew on me and I think it would be a really cute name for a little girl.


Years ago I worked for a clothing company and their shoppers were mainly older ladies. I spoke to several called Queenie while working there and fell a little bit in love with the name. I would never have been brave enough to use it but I do love it! Perhaps a name for a future pet?!


The main reason I love this name is because of the nickname Teddy.  However in our house Theodore is one of the chipmunks and it did put me off using it.


I think this is a really strong name, we did consider it for Barney as it would have worked well with the other two boys. I like the nickname Nate too.


Another name we considered for Barney.  The nickname Laurie makes me think of the charecter in Little Women, one of my favourite books.


This was on my list of names for Seb. How cute would a little boy called Ernie be!


When I was pregnant I read Wuthering Heights so of course the name Heathcliff was on my mind. I love it though I don't think I am cool enough to use it.

What names did you love but not use?

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