Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Third Year of Not Back to School.

This week marks the third year of not back to school. This is the year that Alex would start reception class and Seb would be going into year two.  As parents up and down the country take pictures of their children on their first day of school year (I love seeing these!) the home ed world celebrates 'Not Back to School'. It is a really fun time of year with special picnics happening all over the country, groups restart and many home edders come out of hibernation.

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At this time of year I also like to take some photos as an alternative to the back to school photos. My facebook memories have shown me previous photos this week and it amazing how quickly they change year on year. This weekend we visited Nostell Priory and I got a lovely picture of Seb and Alex for our 2017 not back to school photo.

This time of year also feels a bit strange, going to school is the norm and it does feel strange at times that we aren't doing that. I think when it feels like everyone is going in one direction and you are taking the opposite route it is natural to question yourself and the decisions you make for your children.
But then I think of Seb and how this year at school he would be facing SATs, and how Alex seems so very young to be in full time education and I am pleased that we have taken this route. I am not anti school in any way, it is just not what i want for my children right now.

Happy Not Back to School!

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