Friday, 6 October 2017

A Host of Golden Daffodils #blogtober17

I absolutely love flowers. I drive my husband mad when we are out by taking photos of them(often using his phone as it is better than mine!) and often I never actually use them for anything apart from the odd post on Instagram.

My favourite flowers are Daffodils. In Spring I tend to have several bunches around the house, I can't resist buying them. They are just so bright and cheerful and signal the new season and milder weather. I love them most when they are outside like they should be and i hate that people often pick them or walk on them. In fact when I was overdue and grumpy with Barney, we saw a lady getting her children to pick armfuls of them in the park and loading up a pushchair, I went and told her to leave them alone and she could buy them for £1 in the supermarket down the road(totally embarrassed my husband there!). I mean sure children will pick the odd one or two but seeing her encouraging them to pick so many and ruin them for everyone else gave me the rage! I am not usually a confrontational person so I suprised myself!

Back on topic, I absolutely love finding a host of golden daffodils and the photos below are probably some of my favourites this year.

Which flowers do you love?


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