Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bibetta UltraBib With Sleeves Review

Barney is now at the stage where he is pretty adept at feeding himself with a spoon or fork. Of course sometimes the food doesn't quite make it to his mouth! We were sent a Bibetta Ultrabib with Sleeves to put to the test. Bibetta design a range of smart, innovative and practical products for family life. Their UltraBib design has won multiple awards over the years and I was keen to try it.

The Bibetta UltraBib with sleeves is a coverall type of bib with body coverage and a pelican pocket to catch food. It fastens at the back with adjustable velcro. The bib is made of neoprene making it soft, stretchy and comfortable for your child and the top layer is absorbable.  I find the material of the body is thick and feels nicer to the touch than many bibs, there is no plasticky feel. The sleeves are waterproof and have comfortable elasticated cuffs. This is so important as if it isn't comfortable, I promise your child will not wear it! The dinosaur design is cute and there are several other designs available.

Barney is quite a chunky lad and the bibs fit was snug on him. It fit but only just. Of course younger babies or slimmer toddlers wouldn't have this issue and there are handy measurements on the Bibetta website so you can check.

The UltraBib has done an excellent job of protecting Barneys clothes during meals. His lovely outfits are kept clean and dry so no change of clothes is needed. It folds up pretty small so you can pop one in your changing bag for meals out.  The pelican pocket is super handy and Barney like storing food in there on purpose!

Overall I recommend Bibetta UltraBib.  I can see why it is an award winning product. I wish i had found them before now as it is ideal to use from the start of weaning.

**We received a Bibetta Ultrabib for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own**

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