Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Date Ideas #blogtober17

Todays blogtober prompt is date. I did consider writing about my worst date memory (getting trapped on a train on Valentines Day), or significant dates to me. Instead I thought I would finally finish off a post that has been sat in my drafts for quite a while. Date ideas! We don't get much chance to have child free time and often when we do it is in the day rather than at night so I have listed ideas for both daytime and nightime.

Of course the obvious date ideas are going to the cinema or out for dinner or staying in with a takeaway and a DVD or Netflix and it is lovely to do that but sometimes it is fun to do something different.
  • Trampolining There are so many trampoline parks opening up at the moment, it looks like such a fun way to spend time together. 
  • Adult Picnic Pack up some favourite foods and grab a bottle of wine and head to a pretty spot. 
  • Share a bath A bit risqué maybe but sharing a bath can be really relaxing, grab a bath bomb or fancy bubble bath and have a soak. 
  • Retro video games Mariokart, Pokemon or Pacman which retro game was your favourite? 
  • Board game night If video games aren't your thing try board games instead. 
  • Dance lessons Find a local class and go and join in! 
  • Go to the theatre See what is going on locally, check out smaller theatres as well as the big ones. 
  • Gigs Head to a gig Be it a well known band or someone you have never heard of. 
  • Play tennis I reckon most people are like me and haven't picked up a tennis racket since school! Loads of parks hire out courts for a small fee or have them to use for free. 
  • Visit an art gallery Check out your local gallery or head further afield. You might be surprised about what is on offer! 
  • Sightseeing Head to a local sight Most of us don't don't take the time to visit the sites closest to us. 
  • Go to the seaside One of my favourite dates with Phil was a day at the seaside. We headed off by train, ate fish and chips and hot donuts and played on the 2p machines. 
  • Go to the fair Act like teenagers, see who braves the rides and if you can win a giant cuddly toy. 
  • Go Ape Go on a treetop adventure together. 
  • Quiz night Find out when your local has its quiz night and put your heads together.  You might even win a prize! 
  • Adult soft play Soft play is not just for kids these days. There are loads of places offering adult sessions and many even have a bar. 
  • Mini golf Pick up some clubs and let battle commence. 
  • Cooking classes Loads of places offer cooking classes, learn some useful skills and spend time together. 
  • Comedy night Check out your local comedy club and you might spot some up and coming talent. 
  • Segway Book a segway experience, have a giggle learning to use them. 


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