Saturday, 21 October 2017

Five People I Fancied as a Teenager

I have been terrible with keeping up with blogtober ths month. Todays prompt however is unusual crushes as I don't have any unusual ones I thought it would be fun to relive my teenage crushes on famous people.

Times have changed since I was a teenager. These days teens can watch their famous crush anytime they want and follow them on social media. Back in the day we had to make sure we caught them when they were on TV. Inbetween we had to make do with the posters torn out of Just 17, Bliss or Sugar; the magazines we begged our mum to buy us.

Paul Nicholls I loved Paul Nicholls,  I remember watching him in The Biz (anyone remember that?) and was overjoyed when he joined Eastenders as Joe Wicks and never missed an episode. He is still on our screens regularly and while I am well past my teenage years I can still see why I had a crush on him.

Adam Rickitt That blonde floppy hair and six pack was stuff teenage girls dreams were made of in the 90's. Adam Rickitt was the only reason I watched Coronation Street back then.  I wonder what he is upto these days?

Craig David Back in 2000 I was in my final year at school and Craig David was my crush. He is only a couple of years older than me but he seemed to grown up. This was the time when I started going out to bars and clubs and his music was everywhere at that time.
My life was made when on the day his Born to Do It album came out, my dad went and got me a copy while I was at school, (best dad ever!), that album was played over and over again (I bet my dad regretted buying it) and I think I still have it now.

Ryan Phillipe Ryan came to my attention in the film Cruel Intentions and a crush was born. As a teen back then I think that film was quite edgy, the storyline, it showed drug use and that kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. Ryan was so cool and clever as Sebastian, I had poster of him in one of my files at school to swoon over.

Leonardo Dicaprio I  think pretty much every girl I knew had a crush on our Leo. For me the crush stemmed from Romeo and Juliet, Leonardo played such a good Romeo he was the perfect pick for the role at that time. I adored this film when I was younger(I still love it now). So many of my school friends went to see Titanic over and over again at the cinema, goodness knows how many hours were spent hoping Jack didn't die. To be honest I never really liked Titanic but I do still have a little crush on Leonardo, I have a feeling he would show a girl a good time.

Who were your teen crushes?

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