Monday, 2 October 2017

Pregnancy and Babies #blogtober17

Todays Blogtober prompt is babies.

This one is pretty easy for me to write about. Since I was very young I have always loved babies and knew I wanted a family of my own. I am that person who waves and chats to your baby on the bus in the supermarket, I was 26 when Seb was born, he was very unexpected but the best surprise you could ever imagine. 

My body has grown three baby boys and the whole process blows my mind. I really savoured pregnancy even my second one which was blighted with sickness. Women are pretty amazing, housing a tiny bunch of cells and providing it with all it needs to thrive and become a fully grown baby. Seeing your stomach contort and realising there is another human being in there punching, kicking and doing flips is bizarre but amazing! Our bodies change shape, our organs move and we put up with some weird and unpleasant symptoms which are soon forgotten. We go through birth and for some like myself that can be a traumatic experience but at the end you get this amazing gift. 

My babies aren't really babies now. Seb will be 7 next month, Alex is 5 this month and Barney is 18 months old and there will be no more babies. The bouncy seat and playmat are long gone. But the baby days hold so many memories. Those newborn days where you seem to do nothing but feed and change nappies with some sleepy cuddles in between. Where you want to show the amazing little human that you made off to the world because they are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen but at the same time you could cry with exhaustion and your life has changed beyond recognition. I am so glad that I have blogged, that I have shared photos and memories and written about milestones and I can look back on them. Those days pass so quickly and in what feels like a blink of an eye you are cheering on your son at rugby or refereeing in some daft argument.

Of course I can't write a post about babies without sharing some newborn photos of my own boys.

Sebastian. November 2010. 8lb4oz. 59cm.
Alexander. October 2012. 7lb13.5oz. 49cm. 
Barnaby. March 2016. 8lb9oz. 59cm. 
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