Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Why I Don't Drive #blogtober17

So todays prompt for blogtober is Cars. I have to admit I struggled with todays prompt as I don't drive and or have any exciting stories about cars unless you count my imaginary husband as a child who drove a pink Porsche with red lipstick kisses all over it (I had an active imagination!).

I thought I would talk about why I don't drive. I guess is quite unusual for a 33 year old woman not to drive although there are more of us than I thought. My own mum didn't drive until she was in her mid thirties, I used to go on her lessons with her as a toddler.

Back when I was a teenager I could have learnt to drive, but while my friends were really excited about it I just wasn't that bothered. In my early twenties I had the money of my own to learn and run a car but I still wasn't fussed and instead I prefered to spend my money on clothes and nights out.
Then Seb came along, I became a stay at home mum, then Alex arrived and any money went on the boys. At this time we didn't own a car at all but we did get one when Alex was a toddler and it gave us so much freedom as a family. Phil enjoys driving and within a few months we had been to so many places.

Now we have three children I regret not learning to drive in my twenties. We are lucky to live somewhere with good public transport and the boys are good on the bus but a car would be easier and quicker! At least I am helping the environment!  I am not sure if I am confident enough to learn now, part of me wants too but I would be a nervous driver I think.

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