Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Dear Alexander, You are five!

Dear Alexander

You are five! It is amazing how quickly these birthdays come around. You have been so excited for your birthday this year, counting down the weeks and days. You are so keen to grow up while I am here wishing time would slow down.

You have changed so much this year. The fireman obsession has faded away and you have a new love for rugby. You love your weekly class and I love watching you. You have also developed a love for swimming and will be starting lessons soon. You are so full of energy, you never stop!
You love to draw and are forever cutting out and sticking to make things. I am always finding random creations and stray bits of paper cuttings. The last few months you have suddenly become so much more interested in letters and numbers and writing.

When you grow up you want to work in a hospital or be a rugby player. You love your doctors kit and often listen to our hearts or give us medicine, you were desperate for the Playmobil Childrens Hospital and Ambulance and were so excited to open it on your birthday! You love this type of imaginary play from hospitals to museums to prisons, you and Seb play all sorts of make believe games. I love how you can make a blanket or empty box become a rocket or a boat or a magic carpet. You love books too, at the moment you love The Tiger Who Came to Tea and The Bear Who Stared. You love dancing to cheesy music with glow sticks and your favourite colour is purple.

You have grown so much more independent. You know your own mind and usually choose the opposite to Seb, and you love to challenge me and daddy and test your boundaries. You made the choice to have your hair cut short this year and you keep asking to have colours in it, we will have to get some hair chalks one day.
You have grown physically too. You have stretched out getting taller and slimmer. You still love a cuddle but you feel so big in my arms these days. I am relishing these cuddles because I know they won't be on tap forever.

I look forward to another year of watching you grow. You already cannot wait to be six. Let's enjoy being five first.

Love Mummy x

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