Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Our Christmas and New Year Meal Plan!

Oopps my meal plan usually goes up on a Monday but I just didn't have the chance this week. So instead I am posting today with my meal plan taking us through Christmas up to New Year.

Today is my birthday,  another year older but not wiser. We went out for breakfast this morning followed by a mooch around the garden centre. And some Colin Caterpillar cake. Wild I know!

I am really looking forward to cooking over the next couple of weeks. Having Phil home means I can cook without a toddler hanging off my leg! I feel pretty organised, I just hope my food shop arrives with all the essentials as I don't really fancy trekking to the supermarket.

Wednesday Spaghetti in a tomato and basil sauce

Thursday Slow Cooked Corned beef hash

Friday Homemade pizza

Saturday Macaroni cheese with some kind of veg(probably cauliflower or broccoli)

Christmas Eve Takeaway

Christmas Day Starter- Baked Brie and bread, Main- Roast dinner, Dessert- White chocolate cheesecake

Boxing Day Party style buffet

Wednesday Chinese curry with noodles

Thursday Turkey Meatballs with pasta

Friday Meat and potato pie, mash, green beans, carrots and gravy

Saturday  Gammon, egg and chips

New Years Eve Party style buffet

That's it for 2017! Have a fab Christmas!

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