Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Sixty Things In 2018

I am a big fan of list writing and this year I have decided to set myself a to do list to be completed over the next twelve months. Some are small tasks, some a bit bigger but I want to get to the end of 2018 and have ticked each one off. I will share some of what I get upto along the way.

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  1. Visit a new town or city
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Have a day out with Seb 
  4. Have a day out with Alex
  5. Have a day out with Barney 
  6. Learn a language with the boys 
  7. Go on a train ride
  8. Go on a tram
  9. Go on a boat
  10. Build a sandcastle
  11. Build a snowman
  12. Take the boys to the theatre
  13. Visit a new park
  14. Visit a new museum or gallery
  15. Go on a magical mystery bus tour
  16. Go to a castle
  17. Go to a theme park
  18. Take a family trip in the UK
  19. Have a board game evening
  20. Go to a farm 
  21. Go to the fair
  22. Go to a splash park
  23. Go to York Viking Festival
  24. Go on an Easter egg hunt 
  25. Grow butterflies
  26. Go pottery painting
  27. Grow something we can eat
  28. Sort Barneys bedroom
  29. Have breakfast in the garden 
  30. Have a night away with Phil
  31. Work on reducing our waste
  32. Sort out my wardrobe
  33. Read 20 books
  34. Keep a list of something that that make me happy each day
  35. Back up my photos
  36. Print physical photos
  37. Give to charity each month by giving money, goods or time
  38. Do a reverse advent
  39. Sponsor an animal
  40. Reach the bottom of the laundry pile
  41. Go screen free for 48 hours
  42. Praise when I receive good service
  43. Use my nail varnishes, any not used throw away 
  44. Do monthly meal plan
  45. Cook a shepards pie
  46. Make a trifle 
  47. Make pasta from scratch 
  48. Stick to one takeaway a month
  49. Update my About Us page
  50. Join in with a new link for the whole year 
  51. Organise my Pinterest
  52. Monthly broken link check
  53. Update blog header
  54. Update blog layout
  55. Grow my Facebook page
  56. Use twitter daily again 
  57. Grow my twitter following
  58. Grow my instagram
  59. Blog every day for a week
  60. Finish my draft posts! 

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