Friday, 12 January 2018

Barney at 21 Months Old

On New Years Eve Barney turned 21 months old. He is changing so quickly at the moment that i wanted to write an update post as it has been three montths. I don't know if it is because he is my last baby or maybe i am getting more sentimental but I am so keen to keep a note of the things he does so I can remember. Like Aerosmith said, i don't wanna miss a thing.

The most lovely thing happened on Christmas Day, he finally started to say mummy properly. I knew he could as he had said it on the odd occasion but over Christmas it became a regular word and it makes my heart melt hearing his little voice saying it. It is also a nice change from hearing daddy daddy daddy! He calls the boys by name pretty clearly and also calls boys up the stairs, copying me when dinner is ready! He has so many clear words and is just starting to put them together saying things like 'sock gone' or 'mummy cuddle'. I love this part of speech development.

Barney adores books. Luckily we have hundreds! Current favourites include Dear Zoo, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and anything with transport in, tractors and trains in particular. He also loves music both nursery rhymes amd Ed Sheeran (Sebs favourite) and will sing along. He loves to dance alomg to the radio too.
He likes to watch the Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, he also likes Swashbuckle when Alex watches it and can do the cheer complete with marching (very cute!).
His favourite toys at the moment are duplo, happyland our wooden train sets, magformers and he loves feeding me toy food and cups of tea. He also loves the older boys Playmobil and their Hot Wheels, under supervision of course!
He is getting to the stage where he enjoys more crafting, he loves sticking, painting and still loves to draw and colour.  I can't wait start doing more sensory play with him as i did with the older two.

Barney loves to be outside, playing in the park, walking in the woods and feeding the ducks. He can be a bit of dare devil. He is a brilliant climber, loves huge drop slides and wants to be pushed as high as possible on the swings. He just finds it all great fun. He also loves rough and tumble with his brothers, he just laughs with them. I think having older siblings gives him the chance to explore this side of himself. The three of them have a lovely bond, they are very protective of him, want to teach him things and in return he adores them. He looks for them if they aren't there and tries to join in with their games. Of course they sometimes get cross if he knocks over one of their toys or similar but that is siblings for you.
While Barney is generally a happy smiley boy he also tantrums like a pro already. He loves a good lie on the floor in the supermarket or park which is quite amusing for me and his brothers(i know you shouldn't laugh, but he is cute!). Like a typical toddler he loves his wellies and will wesr them at any opportunity, not so keen om hats or glvoes though!

We are really lucky and Barney sleeps well. He rarely naps but will sleep from 6.30pm until around 8am without waking sometimes later. He goes to bed easily and will self settle. He is in his cot still and will stay that way as he is settled and i am in no rush to change that! We have had a row of unsettled night recently due to a tooth coming in at the back but that's to be expected. He has 8 teeth now, it is so funny how he is getting them so late although Alex was similar. He loves brushing them (for now!). He is also a pretty good eater, some days i can't fill him, at the moment he is loving pasta, cheese, tomatoes and berries. He also loves the occasional chocolate button or two or piece of cake. We got a potty last week, just to have one in the house to get used too and the same day he took his nappy and used it to do two little wees, we will see what happens there

I guess my next update will be at two years old. Someone wrote that the days are long but the years are short and it is so true. As a parent some days feel neverending and you count down the hours until bedtime but in the blink of an eye your baby has become a toddler.

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