Saturday, 20 January 2018

Easy Ways To Reduce Our Family Waste

One of my aims for 2018 is to reduce our family waste. Watching Blue Planet 2 last year really made me think about the waste our household produces. Sure we recycle what we can and we do have minimal food waste but as a family of five we still produce more waste than I would like. I have been doing a bit of research and have a few easy ways to reduce our family waste that i feel are achievable for us.

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Switch straws. Like most children my boys love a straw, for some reason it makes their drink so much more exciting! I am partial to a paper straw but we also have a big pack of plastic ones in the cupboard. Once those are gone i won't be buying anymore plastic straws, just paper so I can recycle and I am thinking about buying  some stainless steel straws like these ones from Eco Strawz. 

Ditch the handwash. Like many families we have a plastic bottle of handwash at our sinks, it seems to be the norm these days. Once the ones we have are gone I will replace them with good old bars of soap, there are so many lovely options these days. Next time I head into Leeds i am going to pick some soap bars up from Yorkshire Soap Company.

Go solid. Once my current shampoo and conditioner run out I am going solid. I have used solid shampoo and conditioner from Lush before and liked it so I will go back to using them again and will write a quick review on them. It seems so wasteful throwing away so many plastic bottles a year when there is a naked alternative.

Water bottles. I will be honest and say we regularly buy bottled water when out and about. I guess for us it our equivalent to the disposable coffee cup. We head out, one of the boys gets thirsty and then others decide they are too and then we figure we may as well all grab a bottle from the shop. So reusable water bottles are on my to buy list.

Rediscover my nappy stash. I have blogged many times about my love of cloth nappies. Alex was cloth bummed and so was Barney when he was born. Somewhere along the line i lost my cloth nappy mojo, having three mucky little boys and husband who gets filthy at work means i have a never ending mountain of washing. Not having a tumble drier makes it difficult to get everything dry and washing and drying nappies is a bit of an extra chore. However I have a huge stash of gorgeous nappies and I aim to get back into using them at least part time, there is nothing cuter than a squishy bum. It will save money too as i have all the bits i need already.

Reusable Sanitary Towels. Back in 2015 i discovered reusable sanitary towels and wrote a little about them. I used them for a while until I became pregnant with Barney so of course didn't need them for a while. As well as being better for the planet reusable pads are so much kinder to your skin and people report less period pain too. I have used my pads a few times since Barney was born but not regularly, which i want to change. I need a few more and have my eye on a trial kit from Bloom and Nora who are part of Tots Bots.

Sandwich Wraps. In summer we go out for picnics all the time. Last year we got lunchboxes for the boys and this year I want to buy some reusable sandwich wraps for Phil and I to use. I would love some recommendations on where to buy these if anyone has any?

So these are my initial plans to start reducing our waste this year. If you are looking to reduce your waste I would love some more ideas.

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