Monday, 15 January 2018

Meal Planning Monday #3

Happy Monday! Last week was tough. Barney has been teething and was sleeping like a newborn, i was so tired by the end of the week and my meal plan went to pot. Fingers crossed this week sees more sleep! I did make the Jamie Oliver veg sauce and it made so much, i have enough for four meals stashed in the freezer. I also picked up some reduced bits when i went to the shop midweek,  two family sized pies for 77p and 79p and a couple of packs of pork and apple sausages too. I think i just got there at the right time.

I am going to be doing some baking this week, some kind of cake and a banana bread too. It feels like ages since i baked something, my sous chef Alex will help out i'm sure. I have loads of potatoes left from a big bag i bought so i will be using those up in this weeks meals.

Monday Pasta with veg sauce
Tuesday Ikea Style Meatballs and mash 
Wednesday Chicken, leek, and potato pie with green veg
Thursday Garlic butter chicken thighs with sweet potato mash
Friday Minced beef pie, mash and gravy 
Saturday Macaroni Cheese
Sunday Cottage pie

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I would love to know what's on your meal plan this week. 

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