Sunday, 11 February 2018

Watercolour Resist Hearts

I always like to do a heart themed craft or two at this time of year. These watercolour resist hearts are a great activity when you have a mixed age range as everyone can get involved. Watercolour resist is mixture of art and a little science, learming that oil and water never mix.

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I bought these watercolour palettes fro Wilkinsons last year along with some watercolour paper. They are such a great price and easily portable too,  perfect for painting outside. They are well worth adding to your craft stash as watercolours are so pretty and make a nice change fron the usual poster paints.

For our watercolour resist hearts, I printed some heart shapes onto the watercolour paper. I then dug out our oil pastel crayons (you can use ordinary wax crayons too) and asked the boys to draw on the hearts. Anything goes scribbles, spots or stripes, let them get creative

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Then we used the watercolours to paint over our hearts. Seb and Alex noticed that the paint didn't cover their oil pastel drawings and we talked about oil and water not mixing and other times we had seen it.
Seb had used a white crayon on one of his hearts and he noted that it was like invisible ink until he painted over the top. After being given a Smiggle Spy Marker pen by my mum he is very into secret writing at the momemt.

I made the hearts into some bunting to hang on our February
display board by adding a little ribbon.

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